What rooms should have crown molding  

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Crown molding is a great way to highlight architectural features and give your home that elegant touch. However, while some recommend installing crown molding in every room, others claim that there are some spaces where the crown molding will look out of place. Is that really true? And if it’s, what rooms should have crown molding? 

Surprisingly, determining where to install crown molding is not as easy as you would. Especially considering that your decision will be influenced by various factors like taste, style, and budget. All in all, after doing some research, we’ve found some of the best places to install crown molding in your home. 

But first, here’s something you should know about installing crown molding in every room! 

Can you install crown molding in every room? 

Crown molding installation can take any space from ordinary to extraordinary. At the same time, it creates dimension and gives the room a more visual appeal. So, if you’re wondering whether you can install it in every room, the answer is Yes! In fact, adding crown molding to every room in your home will instantly add sophistication and personality to the space. Moreover, it enhances the beauty of every space it’s installed in, making it the easiest way to give your home a designer look. 

However, some designers don’t recommend installing crown molding on the slanted ceiling, claiming that it’s not visually appealing. Check out this article to learn more about whether you can install crown molding on a slanted ceiling

Best rooms to install crown molding 

The cost of installing crown molding in every room can be quite costly, especially if you’ve got a large house. Luckily, you can opt to install decorative trim in some rooms, depending on your budget. In that case, the best rooms to start with are; 

1. Living room/ Family room 

Crown molding is mainly used to create a decorative flair as it elevates the design aesthetic while drawing attention to the walls and ceilings. For that reason, it’s a great addition to the living room since it’s the area that gets a lot of regular use in the room. Plus, the living room is often used to entertain guests, making it one of the best areas to install decorative trim and molding. 

The family room is usually located towards the back, while the living room is located closer to the front of the house. Plus, the living room generally gets more traffic than the family room. Other than that, these spaces have a lot of similar uses, making the family room another great area to install crown molding. For instance, you can use crown molding to create a visual separation between the ceiling and the walls. Similarly, you can use it to highlight built-ins and archways, decorate a fireplace and frame the windows in the family room. 

2. Dining Room 

Dining is usually the space where guests, family, and friends eat, socialize and congregate in most homes. Therefore, adding crown molding in the area is an excellent way to impress your guests and friends next time you invite them for dinner. Plus, the molding makes the dining area look more elegant and helps its main features stand out. 

3. Kitchen 

The kitchen is another fantastic room to install crown molding, especially when used to frame upper cabinets. Besides, it’s another popular spot where friends and family socialize during gatherings. Best of all, the crown molding will give your kitchen a more seamless and sophisticated look. 

Other rooms you can consider adding crown molding 

1. Bathroom 

Can you use crown molding in the bathroom? The bathroom is another popular area for installing crown molding. It will enhance the room’s prominent features, casings, and ceilings and even make the bathroom feel bigger. 

However, if you’re on a limited budget, the bathroom is the first area you can consider not installing crown molding. The same case applies when you want to be strategic about your crown installation project. 

2. Bedroom 

Most designers recommend installing crown molding in the centralized areas of the house like the dining room, family room, kitchen, and living. However, bedrooms are other great places to install this decorative trim. Thanks to its ability to add sophistication to the design of the bedroom, without adding clutter. At the same time, adding molding to the bedrooms gives the space a more elegant look. 

If you’re planning to install the trim in all bedrooms, it’s a great idea to start with the master bedroom. And if you want to leave out some rooms, you can ignore rooms that are rarely used like the guest or kid’s bedroom. 

Final Word 

As already mentioned, deciding what rooms should have crown molding in your home depends on your budget and personal preferences. But, if you want to install the molding strategically and still get the desired effect, the best rooms to start with are the kitchen, dining room, and living room/ family room. However, you can also install it in other areas in your home like bedrooms and bathrooms to achieve a more elegant look. Besides, some experts claim that crown molding can increase your home’s value and make the rooms feel larger! 

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