Does Ecobee work with zoned systems? 

ecobee thermostat

Some heating & cooling systems can control how they work to regulate the temperature in various rooms independently. As a result, you’ll have more control over the temperature of each zone or area than in more simple systems. However, to ensure that each room in your house is regulating temperature to the desired setting, you’ll … Read more

Is Ecobee smart thermostat premium worth it?


Released in May 2022m the Ecobee Smart thermostat premium is the highest-end model in Ecobee’s line and one of the best smart thermostats on the market today. Considering this unit is the 6th gen of Ecobee’s thermostats, it’s equipped with some notable improvements and brand-new features, making it a great upgrade option. For instance, it … Read more

Best Caulk for Crown Molding 


Crown molding adds a lovely finishing touch to your home. Unfortunately, unsightly crevices and gaps can develop between the molding and the ceiling or wall, putting a dent in their elegance. On the bright side, you can easily fix these dents using the best caulk for caulk molding. Even better, caulk is relatively easy to … Read more

How to baby-proof baseboard heaters 

baby-proof baseboard heaters

Baseboard heaters have become an important part of our daily comfort, especially during the cold winter season as they keep us warm amidst severe temperatures. However, if you don’t take the necessary safety precautions, they can become a hazard for the young ones in your family. For that, it’s important to learn how to baby-proof … Read more

Can you have Underfloor Heating Upstairs? 

underfloor heating upstairs

Underfloor heating offers several benefits such as maximizing the available floor space and providing uniform heat to a room. Moreover, it’s a safer option for children’s bedrooms than conventional heating systems like radiators. Not to forget that it increases the overall efficiency of your home’s heating system and reduces impact noise & transmission of airborne … Read more

Will Nest thermostat work with Underfloor heating?

Nest thermostat with underfloor heating

When looking for the best thermostat for underfloor heating, you’ll come across a wide range of options. Some of these devices are only compatible with traditional central heating systems, while others can only control UFH or both heat sources.  Nowadays, smart thermostats like Nest have become the trend for modern homes. Thanks to their ability … Read more

Do heat pumps work with underfloor heating? 

heat pump for underfloor heating

Due to the growing demand for sustainable energy sources, the number of heat pump installations has increased significantly in the UK. Moreover, the new building regulations claim that the installation of heat pumps in new buildings can help to reduce emissions while providing an efficient output of over 300%. Even better, heat pumps have lower … Read more