Can you have Underfloor Heating Upstairs? 

underfloor heating upstairs

Underfloor heating offers several benefits such as maximizing the available floor space and providing uniform heat to a room. Moreover, it’s a safer option for children’s bedrooms than conventional heating systems like radiators. Not to forget that it increases the overall efficiency of your home’s heating system and reduces impact noise & transmission of airborne … Read more

Will Nest thermostat work with Underfloor heating?

Nest thermostat with underfloor heating

When looking for the best thermostat for underfloor heating, you’ll come across a wide range of options. Some of these devices are only compatible with traditional central heating systems, while others can only control UFH or both heat sources.  Nowadays, smart thermostats like Nest have become the trend for modern homes. Thanks to their ability … Read more

Do heat pumps work with underfloor heating? 

heat pump for underfloor heating

Due to the growing demand for sustainable energy sources, the number of heat pump installations has increased significantly in the UK. Moreover, the new building regulations claim that the installation of heat pumps in new buildings can help to reduce emissions while providing an efficient output of over 300%. Even better, heat pumps have lower … Read more

Building regulations for underfloor heating 

building regulation for underfloor heating

According to the Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy Department, powering and heating buildings take up about 40 percent of the total energy consumption in the United Kingdom. The residential sector accounts for about 15% of the total energy usage. Therefore, it’s important to change how new buildings, homes, and renovations are heated in an attempt … Read more

Why Use floor insulation for Underfloor Heating?

floor insulation

Adding underfloor heating to your home’s heating system is an effective way of ensuring that your living space is heated uniformly. However, for the underfloor heating system to reach its maximum energy efficiency, it’s important to install the right amount of floor insulation. In this article, I’ll show some of the benefits you’ll get from … Read more

How do Multi-Zones Work In Underfloor Heating?

Multi-zone Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is increasingly becoming popular among homebuilders, thanks to its effectiveness and efficiency. Moreover, it is a luxury way of heating your home since it allows you to feel warmth under your feet. However, as energy prices continue to rise, it’s important to evaluate your home’s heating system to ensure it’s running efficiently. On … Read more

Can you cut an Underfloor heating mat? 

When installing an electric radiant floor heating system in your home, it’s important to ensure your calculations are correct before you buy an electric mat. If possible, look for a UFH heating mat that matches the dimensions and shape of your property. This will allow you to get maximum floor coverage and reduce your chances … Read more

The Best Thermostat for Underfloor Heating 

underfloor heating thermostat

After installing a radiant heating system in your home, you’ll also need the best thermostat for underfloor heating for controlling the system. Unfortunately, some thermostats that are used for regular HVAC systems aren’t suitable for regulating UFH. While some models are compatible with both Underfloor heating and HVAC systems, you can easily end up with … Read more