Best Caulk for Crown Molding 


Crown molding adds a lovely finishing touch to your home. Unfortunately, unsightly crevices and gaps can develop between the molding and the ceiling or wall, putting a dent in their elegance. On the bright side, you can easily fix these dents using the best caulk for caulk molding. Even better, caulk is relatively easy to … Read more

Best Miter saw blade for Trim and crown molding 

miter saw blade

Most miter saws for crown molding comes with general-purpose blades. For that, you might not get the desired results in your crown molding installation projects since the quality of your miter cuts solely depends on the type of miter saw blade you’re using. Moreover, regular miter saw blades become dull quite fast as they can’t … Read more

Crown Molding Vs Baseboards; What’s the Difference? 

baseboard crown molding

Both baseboards and crown molding serve as decorative materials. Plus, they cover the joint or seam between the interior wall and ceiling or floor. However, despite serving the same purpose, there are some notable differences between these materials. Not to forget that some homeowners wonder whether you can use baseboards as crown molding. While others … Read more

What rooms should have crown molding  

rooms crown molding

Crown molding is a great way to highlight architectural features and give your home that elegant touch. However, while some recommend installing crown molding in every room, others claim that there are some spaces where the crown molding will look out of place. Is that really true? And if it’s, what rooms should have crown molding?  … Read more

How to Install Crown Molding for LED lights 

led lights crown molding

Elegant crown molding LED lighting is commonly used in upscale hotels, clubs, and restaurants. However, they can also be used by homeowners wishing to take the decor to another level at an affordable cost. Moreover, using crown molding for LED lights will add elegance and breathe life into any living space in your home.  If … Read more

What is the spring angle on crown molding?

crown molding spring angle

Crown molding adds a decorative accent and increases the visual appeal to any home’s interior. Plus, there are various crown molding materials to choose from, depending on your home design and preferences. At the same time, it’s important to consider the crown molding’s spring angle you want for your design when choosing a particular style. … Read more

Which side of Crown molding goes up? 

crown molding side goes up

Crown molding brings personality and elegance to a space while hiding an inferior taping job or cracks in the ceiling. At the same time, it adds architectural character to the room and provides a visual separation between the ceiling and the walls. But, which side of crown molding goes up? Interestingly, crown molding looks good, … Read more

How to cope crown molding 

cope crown molding

Crown molding installation adds that finishing and upscale touch to a room. At the same, it adds visual appeal to the room and covers joints and seams where the ceiling and walls come together. Unfortunately, if the inside corners of the room are not angled at exactly 90 deg, your corners will look unprofessional. Similarly, … Read more