Different types of Nail Guns 

A nail gun is a great tool to have in your DIY toolkit. With its ability to drive nails with excellent accuracy, a nail gun works much faster than a hammer. These power tools are designed to perform the same task, which is driving nails into various materials. However, there are different types of nail guns … Read more

Can I use glue to Install Crown Molding? 

Adding crown molding to your home is a great way to provide a finished look. In most cases, the molding is secured to the wall using finishing nails for a tight installation. This calls for suitable tools like a nail gun to ensure the success of your installation project. So, what would happen then if … Read more

How to nail Crown Molding 

nail gun for crown molding

After measuring and cutting crown molding, you need to fasten it to walls and ceilings. To accomplish this, you can either glue it or nail it to attach to the walls. Some people wonder, which is the best option between gluing and nailing crown molding, but in this guide, I will be focusing on the … Read more

Best Nail Guns for Crown Mold Installation 

crown molding nailer

Installing crown molding is a precise job that requires the use of similarly suited tools. One such tool is getting yourself the best nail gun for crown molding installation.  Unlike traditional hammers, a nail gun will ensure better trimming and nailing regardless of how narrow the space is. As a result, it will end up … Read more

5 Best Miter Saws for Crown Molding

miter saw for crown molding

Cutting crown molding usually involves making angled cuts to fit into corners. Unfortunately, making such cuts with a hand saw requires a lot more effort and it’s time-consuming. Not to mention that your beveled cuts will not be that clean and precise. Luckily, you can avoid all issues by getting yourself the best miter saw … Read more

8 Ways to Use Crown Molding 

To most homeowners, crown molding installation is a fix-it-all that you can use to decorate your home for various projects. That is mainly because they find it quite simple to install and it acts as an elegant & decorative accessory. However, while this is true to some extent, not every home style goes well with … Read more

6 Important Tools for Crown Molding Installation 

Without the right tools, crown molding installation can be a challenging task for anyone, including skilled carpenters. Besides, unlike other forms of trims like baseboards and door casing, its design is quite different. Specifically, it has 2 angled edges, one that attaches to the ceiling and another that touches the wall. On top of that, … Read more

How to Cut and Install Crown Molding 

Crown molding installation is a simple and cost-effective way of adding value and ambiance to your home. Besides, it forms an appealing transition between the ceiling and walls. Even better, you only need basic carpentry skills and a few tools to start learning how to cut and install crown molding. However, unlike other trims, installing … Read more

What’s Crown Molding? 

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Crown moldings, sometimes referred to as cornices, add architectural beauty and some decorative flair to your home. At the same time, they produce an appealing separation between the ceiling and the walls. Best of all, crown molding is one of the most affordable options for upgrading the architecture style and aesthetics of your home’s interior. … Read more