How to use crown molding to hide Electrical Wires

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Exposed wires on the ceiling make the room decor look unattractive and distracting. Moreover, exposed wires compromise the safety of your home’s wiring as they can lead to potential accidents. Luckily, there are various ways you can use to hide these cables and enhance the room’s aesthetics. One such technique is using crown molding to … Read more

Simple Alternatives to crown molding 

alternatives to crown molding

Crown molding was originally used to hide the ugly gaps formed where different materials met. However, they’re currently used for various reasons including aesthetic purposes. Also, they’re used to uplift your home interior to a more elegant and upscale touch. As a result, they make your home more valuable and give it an impressive touch.  … Read more

Tips on crown molding sizes

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Although crown molding is usually seen as a decorative element, it plays a significant architectural role in the interior design of a room. It provides a fluid connection between the ceiling and the wall, instantly giving elegance to the space. Even better, it hides blemishes like gaps and uneven surfaces, and the transition between rooms. … Read more

Can you put crown molding on a slanted ceiling? 

crown molding slanted ceiling

Slanted ceilings add elegance and height to an average room. Unfortunately, these ceilings aren’t easy to finish with crown moldings because of their aforementioned slope. As a result, you’ll find crown molding to be a bit more difficult to install on slanted ceilings like a cathedral or vaulted ceiling than it’s on traditional ceilings. But … Read more

Is crown molding out of style? 

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Over the years, crown molding has been used to add value and increase aesthetics to your home. Thanks to the elegance and exquisiteness it adds to any house or room it’s installed in. Better still, it adds a visual appearance that makes a house feel more upscale, especially in rooms with vaulted or high ceilings.  … Read more

How to Use a Nail Gun 

A nail gun is one of the best tools to have for your woodworking, thanks to its accuracy, consistency, and speed. Even better, it’s a good alternative for hammers as it eliminates issues like bent nails, swollen thumbs, and hammer swings. Moreover, it helps to save time and increase stability, making it a great option … Read more

How Different Nail guns Work 

If you’re planning to undertake a woodworking project, you’ll certainly need a nail gun. This is a powerful tool that drives nails into various surfaces, helping you save a lot of time. At the same time, a nail gun reduces the chances of your fingers and increases precision in your home improvement project. However, a nail … Read more

Can you install crown molding without a nail gun?

Adding molding to your home provides a finished look and increases your property value. In most cases, the molding is fastened to the cabinet or wall with finish nails to ensure a tight & professional installation. However, there are instances when nailing molding, thus forcing you to look for alternative ways to install crown molding … Read more