Can I use an Infrared Heater in my garage? 

infrared heater use in garage

If you want to protect your vintage cars from rust or use your garage as a workspace, it’s important to ensure that it has an appropriate heating system. Besides, many homeowners rarely use their garage for parking the cars or for storage nowadays. Instead, some use these spaces as garage workshops, laundry rooms or even … Read more

Do infrared heaters work outside? 

infrared heater outdoor

Equipping your outdoor porch or patio with the right heater allows you to spend time enjoying the outdoors, regardless of the weather conditions. Best of all, finding the best outdoor heater will help you create a year-round livable space for friends and family. Surprisingly, there are many outdoor heaters on the market, but most units … Read more

Can an Infrared Heater start a fire? 

House Fire

Can an infrared heater start a fire? Space heaters like infrared heaters are a great way of supplementing your central heating system. Also, they provide a useful and affordable solution for heating a space without fixed heat. Unfortunately, if you’re not cautious, they can be a source of fire hazards.  According to NFPA (National Fire Protection … Read more

How much electricity do infrared heaters use?

IR heater electricity

Infrared heating is much more energy efficient than other forms of electric space heaters, helping you save on running costs and electricity use. Specifically, infrared heaters use about 40% less energy than typical space heaters to create the same level of comfort. Not to mention that one of their main selling points is that they’re … Read more

Can Infrared heaters cause cancer? 

infrared heater

Infrared heaters are becoming popular day by day, thanks to their ability to provide warmth in cold weather and cut heating costs. More notably, they create comfortable heat by emitting infrared radiation. Unfortunately, some people have doubted its efficacy and fear that it may cause health hazards, such as cancer, But, can infrared heaters cause … Read more

Is Infrared Heating right for your home? 

Infrared Heater

In the past, infrared heating has been a popular heating option for large workshops and factories. However, that seems to be changing as more people continue to embrace them for warming their homes during the cold winter nights. Moreover, they’re considered to be a clean and economical way of space heating, plus they’re very easy … Read more