6 Ways Infrared Heater Yoga Benefits your Health

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infrared heater yoga benefits

Infrared heating is the new trend in health and it’s being used in various areas including infrared saunas and hot yoga. According to numerous studies, infrared heaters produce a therapeutic sun-like heater that provides a wide range of health benefits. Not to forget that it’s one of the most economical and eco-friendly options for heating spaces like yoga studios. In addition, these heaters heat objects and people in the room, while keeping the surrounding air cool. As a result, you’ll feel more like dry heat as opposed to humid heat while doing yoga. 

What are some of these infrared heat yoga benefits I’m talking about? Read on to find out! First, here is something interesting you probably do know about infrared heat yoga! 

What is Infrared heat yoga? 

Infrared yoga simply refers to doing a simple yoga session heated using an IR heated system. An infrared heater for yoga doesn’t emit UV rays. Instead, they emit infrared radiant heat which offers comfortable sun-like warmth. More importantly, they distribute heat uniquely as compared to conventional forced air systems. Specifically, an infrared heat yoga workout session is invigorating and clean, while a forced air system makes the session stuffy and leaves the practitioner feeling dried out. 

Moving on, infrared heaters are energy-friendly devices that heat objects in the yoga studio through a long wave FIR (Far Infrared Light). Better still, this kind of heat reduces allergens and dust, keeping the air in the yoga studio clear and clean. At the same time, this creates a healthy environment that is mold & mildew resistant, and less vulnerable to toxic bacteria and viruses. 

In addition, infrared heaters warm the studio clean and silently by directing a therapeutic warmth on your skin. These waves are also absorbed into your body tissues, helping to release muscle tightness and elevate our mood. This will also help to reduce muscle soreness, alleviate pain and enhance the range of elasticity. Interestingly, far infrared light also improves mental health, increases calmness, and enhances cognitive function among several other health benefits! 

6 Health benefits of using Infrared Heaters for yoga sessions 

Unlike conventional heaters, Infrared heat emits rays that penetrate and warm beneath your skin directly. This ensures that no energy is wasted and provides several benefits to your yoga practice. Some of the health benefits you’ll get from doing infrared hot yoga are; 

  • Increased circulation 

Infrared heat opens up the blood capillaries, thus stimulating blood flow. This offers various benefits to your body such as reducing blood pressure and increasing oxygen supply to the tissues and mussels. Simply put, infrared heat will help your circulatory system to function more efficiently and effectively. 

Although there is limited proof that infrared therapy reduces blood pressure levels, German researchers concluded that a 1-hour IR therapy session can have a significant impact. Also, they note that the session would help to improve blood viscosity. 

  • Improved flexibility 

Our bodies tend to move better when the muscles are warm. For instance, your muscles will be more limber, allowing them to move easily. Moreover, you’ll need less time to warm up before you start your yoga session. 

Luckily, infrared heat directly warms the muscles, helping you move more freely with infrared hot yoga. As a result, your body can bend, lengthen, and twist further with ease. However, it’s still recommended that you don’t push yourself too hard during the workout session since the ligaments and tendons may not be as vascular as the muscles. Therefore, stretching your ligaments and tendons more deeply may increase your risk of a strain or pull. 

Other than that, doing yoga in a studio with infrared heaters will certainly increase your flexibility. According to a study conducted at Auburn University, the participants stretched about 3 times their normal amount in an infrared environment. Also, this helped them to open up and gain confidence in their field. 

  • Reduces pain & inflammation 

IR heaters radiate gentle heat that penetrates stiff muscle, joints, and tissues. At the same time, it allows increased oxygenation and circulation to glands, organs, and muscles. This has been proved to help reduce symptoms of chronic pain conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and osteoarthritis among yoga enthusiasts. Also, it can be used to heal and reduce muscle spasms and muscle soreness. 

According to clinical rheumatology, infrared facilities offer short-term improvement in stiffness and pain in patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. In another study, infrared heaters increase the flexibility of connective tissues to allow greater joint movement and increase the level of endorphins, which reduce pain. Moreover, infrared radiation is recommended by yoga studios, saunas, and physical therapists around the wound as a way of relieving pain from chronic ailments and minor injuries. 

  • Promotes weight loss 

Infrared hot yoga boosts your metabolism and the enzymatic activity of your digestive tract. As a result, performing infrared hot yoga for just an hour can help you burn up to 900 calories and break down stored fat. Besides, a 30-minute infrared hot yoga workout offers the same weight loss results as running for 2 – 3 miles. 

  • Detoxification 

Infrared yoga increases how much you sweat during the workout, thus helping to detoxify your body. Besides, sweating is a natural way of allowing the body to get rid of toxins. As the body absorbs the infrared heater, water molecules start to vibrate. This causes them to wring out toxins and impurities from the cells and release them into the blood. These toxins are then removed from your body through sweat to create a deep detox on the cellular level. Some of these impurities include; carcinogens, toxins, and heavy metals like aluminum and mercury. 

In addition, infrared hot yoga increases oxygenation and blood flow to the skin due to the expansion of the capillaries. Infrared heat also improves skin elasticity and collagen production, reduces acne scars, and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. 

  • Boosts immunity 

Lastly, infrared rays have been proved to increase the number of T cells and white blood cells, boosting your immune system. This immune boost promotes healing throughout your body and reduces muscle spasms, soreness and tension. More importantly, this will help your body to fight more serious illnesses. 

Final Word 

Yoga sessions help to strengthen your body while calming your mind. However, you can enhance these benefits by getting yourself the best infrared heater for yoga at home. As you’ve seen, there are several ways infrared heat yoga benefits your health. Infrared heaters offer a practical solution to increase the temperature in the studio to desired levels. Best of all, infrared hot yoga is safe, therapeutic, and comfortable! 

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