Best Baseboard Heating Cover 

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Installing baseboard heater covers is the easiest and fastest solution for hiding ugly baseboard heaters throughout your home. At the same time, they’ll increase the efficiency of your heating units, while upgrading your home decor. Unfortunately, finding the best baseboard heating cover isn’t that simple! 

With various types of baseboard heater covers available, you can easily end up with an ineffective option. To prevent that, we’ve reviewed some of the safest and best-looking covers you’ll ever come across. So, if you’re renovating your office or home, here are some great baseboard heater covers that will last for several years to come! 

5 Best baseboard heating cover Reviews 

1. Baseboarders Premium Baseboard Cover Panel 

Ideal for both electric and hydronic baseboard heaters, this premium cover panel from Baseboarders is very easy to install. Besides, this is the first brand to come up with a serious solution for renovating old, rusted & ugly covers for baseboard heating units. More importantly, their products ensure proper performance, while looking great and stylish. Well, their 3 feet long premium cover panel is not an exception! 

With its slip-on design, this cover provides a quick and simple solution for upgrading your old baseboard heater. It will instantly rejuvenate your old unit while allowing them to operate perfectly and effectively. 

Another interesting feature about this unit is that, unlike the original baseboard heater covers, it is designed to last long. Specifically, it’s made up of perforated 22 gauge galvanized steel to protect it from rust and extend its longevity. Better yet, this design promotes the flow of circulatory air currents, improving the performance of both types of baseboard heaters. At the same time, this makes it safe for use in electric heaters since it can withstand high temperatures. 

When it comes to installation, this baseboard heater cover easily slips over your old heating unit. Therefore, you don’t need any special skills or tools to install it. As a result, it will only take you a few minutes to transform your ugly heaters and hide those rusty spots or dents! 

The only issue with this baseboard heater cover is that it can seem a bit pricey. Other than that, it’s highly versatile, and durable, making your room look great in a matter of minutes. Moreover, it’s available in various standard length sizes ranging from 3 to 7 ft. 

Highlighted features 

  • Easy slip-on design 
  • Comes with 22 gauge panels & 18 gauge end caps 
  • Rust resistant 
  • Fits in most hydronic & electric baseboard heaters 
  • Available in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 feet length sizes 

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2. Neat Heat FC 30/07-06 BW Baseboard Heater Cover 

When it comes to baseboard heater cover replacement, you can either buy a custom cover or find one that blends perfectly onto your wall. Interestingly, this FC 30/07-06 BW baseboard heater cover from NUHEAT falls in the latter category, thanks to its white and clean design. In addition, its sleek and minimalist design makes it almost invisible in your room, while improving the appearance of your heating unit. 

Even better, this heater cover panel is extremely simple to install since it doesn’t need a damper or a front cover. On top of that, it doesn’t need complex tools for installation. For instance, you can simply cut it with tools from your house when readjusting its size. Best of all, the size of this baseboard cover fits all the most popular baseboard heater models out there. Its overall dimensions are 6.25” high, 72” wide, and 3” deep. 

Regarding the construction, this cover is entirely crafted from plastic material. For that reason, it will not be susceptible to scratches, or rust. At the same time, this makes it extremely easy to clean using common household cleaners. 

Unfortunately, the plastic material means that you cannot use it for electric baseboard heaters. However, it’s a great option for hydronic baseboard heating units. In addition, it does not have sharp edges, but its front cover has some holes to encourage airflow to the heating element. 

Highlighted Features 

  • Fits over most common hydronic baseboard heaters
  • Entirely made of plastic 
  • Easy to install and clean 
  • Doesn’t include end caps & other accessories 
  • Rust- and scratch-resistant 

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3. Vent and Cover Electric Baseboard Heater Cover Kit 

Old metallic covers have developed a bad reputation due to their susceptibility to rust, stain, and dirt. However, that’s not the case with this metallic cover from Vent & Cover. Specifically, this cover is made up of heavy-duty 22-gauge galvanized steel and finished with a white powder coating. As a result, it’s highly durable and resistant to rust and other harsh elements. This allows it to stand several years of both chemical and physical abuse. 

Another benefit of the steel construction is that it allows this unit to withstand extremely high temperatures. For that, it will not melt, even when subjected to the high temperatures produced by electric heaters. More importantly, this makes it ideal for use in both hydronic and electric baseboard heating units. 

As for installation, this galvanized steel cover panel conveniently slips over your old ugly heater. After that, adjust the right and left caps and you’re set to go. Better yet, it’s compatible with popular heater brands like Cadet, Ouellet OFM, Fahrenheat, STELPRO, and DIMPLEX T Series. 

Overall, if you want a cover that will transform your old unit into a sleek & modern heater, this Vent & Cover panel is a great place to start. It’s available in various heights and depths, making it ideal for different-sized heating units.

Highlighted Features 

  • Made of Heavy-duty 22 gauge galvanized steel 
  • Rust-resistant white powder coat finish 
  • Available in different heights & depths 
  • Durable construction 
  • Comes with left & right end caps 
  • Compatible with most baseboard heater brands 

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4. Cover-Luxe Baseboard Heat Cover Complete Set 

Imported from Europe, this Cover-Luxe baseboard heater cover is designed to give your home interior an elegant and luxurious tone. On top of that, it features a durable and exquisite sleek design, adding great value to your home. So, if you want a simple, but luxurious baseboard heat cover to renovate or upgrade your hydronic baseboard heater, Cover-Luxe is a perfect option for you! 

In addition, this kit comes with everything you need to cover your heating unit, including left and right end caps. Best of all, even with its durable design, each set comes with a 10-year limited warranty card. 

In terms of construction, this cover is crafted from plastic material. For that reason, it will not degrade, stain, or fade, even when exposed to moisture. Moreover, its material is strong, durable, and features an exceptional ability to resist rust, dent & dust. At the same time, it’s easy to wipe clean and doesn’t contain sharp edges. 

Lastly, this cover is quite simple to install, seeing that you only need basic tools like a marker, tape measure, channel lock pliers, and a Phillips screwdriver. Moreover, the covers easily snap off and on by hand, plus they’re available in various sizes. For instance, pre-sized covers come in 2, 4, 6, and 8 ft or cut to customized sizes. 

Highlighted Features 

  • Easy maintenance & DIY installation 
  • Repels dirt and rust 
  • Dent-proof 
  • Quiet and energy efficient
  • Only suitable for hydronic baseboard heaters 
  • Does not fade or warp 

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5. Slant/ Fin Baseboard Replacement Heat Cover 

With its clean lines and symmetric vents, this unit from Slant/ Fin covers is one of the best baseboard heating covers for minimalist decorations. In addition, it has a simple but smart design that will give your hydronic heaters a sleek & modern look for several years to come.  

Unlike other covers that are specifically designed for hydronic heaters, this unit is made from durable and rust-resistant aluminum material. Plus, it is finished with a bright white enamel-like powder coating, giving it an elegant but bold look. Better still, this design enhances its heat output, making it up to 40% more efficient than competitive brands. 

Moving on, this baseboard heat cover is available in various sizes, ranging from 2 to 6 feet long. However, it has a depth of 3” and a height of 8.5”, making it compatible with most standard home hydronic baseboard heaters on the market. 

Moreover, this makes it easy to install, without requiring extra tools. Instead, you only need to remove the old damper and front panel, then slip the pre-cut cover over your existing back panel. 

Highlighted Features 

  • Fits over 90% of standard hydronic baseboard heaters 
  • Only works with hydronic heaters 
  • Available in 2, 3, 3.5, 4, 5, and 6 feet lengths 
  • Crafted from recycled, rust-resistant extruded aluminum 
  • Increases your heater’s efficiency 

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Plastic Vs Metal Covers: What’s the best baseboard heating cover material for your home? 

With various materials to choose from, it’s important to ensure that you’re getting the perfect option for your home. In this case, we’ll be comparing metal and plastic covers to help you find the right fit for your heating unit. 

  • Plastic baseboard heat covers 

Most baseboard heat covers that are specifically designed for hydronic heaters are usually made of plastic material. Some benefits of plastic include; easy maintenance, rust resistance, affordability, etc. 

On the downside, plastic acts as an insulator since it’s not a heat conductor. As a result, it’s not as efficient in conducting heat from your unit as covers made from other materials like powder-coated galvanized steel. This forces your heating system to run more to distribute the same heat amount as metal covers. In addition, plastic cannot withstand extremely high temperatures. So it’s not ideal for use with electric baseboard heaters. 

  • Metal Covers 

When it comes to efficiency and durability, metal covers are ahead of their plastic counterparts. In addition, covers made from galvanized materials are rust resistant and have high levels of thermal conductivity. This means that they distribute more effectively than plastic covers. Best of all, you can either use them for hydronic or electric heaters, but they’re more costly. 


Once you find the best baseboard heat cover, you can easily upgrade your home’s appearance in minutes. At the same, this will increase your heater’s efficiency, while hiding those old, and ugly baseboard heaters. Luckily, as you’ve seen there are many great baseboard covers out there. Moreover, you can find them at most appliance and home improvement stores at very affordable prices!