Best Outdoor Infrared Heater for Patio

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Outdoor spaces like patios and backyards are some of the best places to host a group of people or enjoy relaxing outdoors. Specifically, they will allow you and your friends or family to enjoy the fresh air and added ambiance of being outdoors.

 Unfortunately, these spaces can be uncomfortable, especially during the cold winter months due to the severe temperatures. As a result, you’ve got to look for a heating solution that will keep you and your guests warm and toasty during the chilly days or nights. For instance, you can light some tiki torches or start up the grill. However, one of the most popular options is getting yourself the best outdoor infrared heater! 

But, how do you choose the best infrared heater for your outdoor space? That’s what I’ll be looking at in this guide! So, read on as I take you through 5 of the best infrared heaters for patios, backyards, and other outdoor areas on your property! 

5 Best Outdoor Infrared Heater Reviews 

1. Dr. Infrared DR-238 Outdoor Heater 

Measuring just 8” tall X 35” long and weighing about 8 lbs, Dr. Infrared DR-238 is one of the best infrared heaters for covered patios. Even better, it’s relatively affordable, yet it can either be mounted on the wall and ceiling or installed on the included tripod. Not to forget the kit will come with mounting brackets, making it quite easy to install. 

Key Features 

  • 3 Heat settings 

Since you’ll not always need the full force of your outdoor IR heater, it’s good to look for a unit with heat intensity settings. Interestingly, that’s exactly what you’ll get with this DR-238 heater. The unit has 3 heat settings; 900W, 1200W & 1500W, and remote control for changing the settings. In addition, it has a 1-9 hour timer that shuts it off automatically if you’re not around to save energy. 

More importantly, these units generate clean, instant warmth that can cover an area of up to 1000 sq ft. Thanks to the reflective aluminum casing around its carbon lamp and large heating element size (21”). 

  • Weatherproof 

Outdoor heaters are designed to withstand all types of weather elements including rain, wind, dust, etc. Unfortunately, DR-238 can only handle some rain and dust since it has a weatherproof rating of IP55. Therefore, it should only be used in a covered outdoor area to protect it from any form of precipitation. 

  • Adjustable tripod 

As you know, infrared heaters transfer heat directly to your skin instead of heating the nearby air. For that, their range isn’t as impressive as other types of patio heaters. Luckily, DR-238 infrared heater comes with an adjustable tripod that allows you to put it closer and at a lower height. Specifically, its height settings range from 46 to 75”, thus increasing its flexibility. Moreover, you can pan or tilt the heater on the tripod to direct the heater in the best direction possible. This helps to ensure the warmth produced by the unit reaches everyone in your outdoor area. 

  • Safety 

Most space heaters are naturally unsafe, especially if you’ve got kids or pets in the house. However, that’s not the case with this DR Infrared outdoor heater since it doesn’t warm up during use. Moreover, it’s compliant with North American safety standards and even features a tip-over protection mechanism. Better still, the tripod’s legs are equipped with sandbags to increase its weight and stability. 


  • 3 power settings (900, 1200 & 1500W)
  • 21” long heating element 
  • IP55 weatherproof rating 
  • 12.5 ft power cord 
  • Dimensions: 35 X 8 X 4”
  • Tripod adjustability: 46-75”

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2. Briza Infrared Patio Heater

Briza infrared heater is a highly versatile heating unit, seeing that it can be used in outdoor and indoor spaces like garages. In addition, it is highly portable since it comes with an adjustable tripod stand. Alternatively, you can either mount it on the ceiling or wall to save valuable space in your outdoor area. Best of all, it has an incredible heating element that provides adequate warmth in your patio/ garden. 

Key Features 

  • Carbon infrared heating technology  

First, this unit uses carbon IR technology to produce sun-like warmth by emitting IR rays that are quickly absorbed by surfaces around it. This helps to increase the temperature of its surroundings, warming up your outdoor space with clean, radiant heat.

 It’s equipped with a 19” heating element and reflective aluminum, This helps it to emit about 93% of the produced heat within a range of 4 to 6 feet. In addition, the unit has 3 heating levels (L1, L2, & L3) that you can use to adjust the IR heat from 900W to 1200/ 1500W. 

  • Safety features 

This heater comes with an inbuilt tip-over protection sensor. As a result, the unit will be automatically turned off when it gets tipped off, reducing the risk of a fire hazard. Alternatively, you can prevent it from tipping over by making the tripod’s base wider for extra stability. Also, it’s equipped with a 1-9 hour timer that you can use to turn off the unit automatically after a certain duration. 

  • Convenient use 

Another interesting feature about this Briza heater is that it’s quite simple to use. For instance, you’ll get a remote control that you can use to operate it from the comfort of your outdoor chair. This includes adjusting the heat levels and times or turning the heat on and off. Moreover, you can manually adjust the height of its tripod from 44 – 84” to suit your requirements.

On the downside, the tripod that comes with this heater lacks pan or tilt adjustment, which can be a bit frustrating. Also, it has a 10-foot power cord, which may not be long enough to get to your indoor outlet. 

  • 4 season protection 

Lastly, this unit operates smoothly in various outdoor elements since it has an IP55 weatherproof rating. This makes a viable outdoor heating solution even in harsh conditions like sand, rain, snow, and dust. 


  • 19’ heating element 
  • 44 – 84” tripod height adjustability 
  • 900, 1200, and 1500W heat settings 
  • 10ft power cord 
  • Weighs 17.16 lbs 
  • IP55 weatherproof rating 

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3. Fire sense Telescoping Infrared Patio Heater 

Unlike other infrared outdoor heaters with a tripod stand, this patio heater from Fire Sense has a much less bulky pedestal base. However, it still generates impressive warmth since it has an operation capacity of 5500 BTUs. Even better, it’s equipped with a 1500W bulb that can last up to 5000 hours. 

Key Features 

  • Telescoping offset pole 

At first glance, this IR outdoor heater features a heavy-duty stainless steel telescoping pole. On top of that, the pole has a black powder coating to protect it from harsh conditions like rust when exposed to outdoor elements. In addition, the heating heat easily pivots on the telescoping pole, allowing you to direct the heat where your want it. At the same time, the unit comes with tension knobs that allow you to adjust the height of the heating head. 

  • Heating efficiency 

Although this electric unit doesn’t produce as much heat as a propane heater, it operates at an impressive efficiency of 90%. For that reason, it’s less costly to run, saves energy, and operates on regular household electric current. Moreover, it can keep everyone within a diameter of 9 ft warm and generates instant heat once you turn it on. 

  • Portability 

Compared to the models we’ve reviewed earlier, this unit is a bit heavy since it weighs 45 lbs. However, its telescoping pole is equipped with wheels for convenient mobility. In addition, it includes a wind-resistant 9ft protective cover that you can use to protect it from outdoor elements when it’s not in use. 

  • Versatile unit 

Seeing that you can adjust the height of the telescoping pole from 6 to 7 feet, this unit is suitable for various outdoor and indoor spaces. Also, it comes with a 4-ft power cord, works with any standard power outlet, and has a tip-over switch mechanism. 


  • On/off toggle switch 
  • 12-ft non-retractable power cord 
  • Powder-coated steel telescoping pole 
  • Features transportation wheels 
  • 90% energy efficiency 
  • 9 feet heat range diameter 
  • Protective aluminum heat shield 

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4. Heat Storm HS-1500 Outdoor Infrared Heater 

Heat Storm HS-1500 outdoor heater has an incredible design to ensure your patio or workbench has adequate heating. Specifically, the unit can generate a total heat output of 5200 BTUs, without making any noticeable noise during use. So, if you’re looking for a silent heating unit that will give you adequate warmth while chilling in your outdoor space, this unit is a perfect option. 

Key Features 

  • Weatherproof 

One thing that makes this unit for outdoor use is that it’s IPX4 weatherproof rated. This gives it adequate protection against weather elements like dust and rain. Therefore, you can simply mount it anywhere and enjoy extra warmth at any time. 

  • Instant heat

As already mentioned, this unit generates a heat output of up to 5200 BTUs instantly when you turn it on. Moreover, its heati8ng element provides reliable heating in an area of about 60 to 100 sq ft. However, it doesn’t have a remote control or the option to adjust the heat levels like Briza and Dr. Infrared units. 

  • Easy setup 

This heater is super simple to set up such that you can get it working in a matter of minutes after opening the package. Moreover, it comes with a 13 ft cord, which makes it a great feature for outdoor use. 

Even better, the package includes a height-adjustable tripod, allowing you to set it up as you want. To be precise, the tripod’s height adjustability ranges from 3 to 6.5 ft. However, this heat doesn’t have a tilt functionality and cannot be installed on the ceiling. Other than that, it’s safe for outdoor use as it even comes with a tip-over protection mechanism. 


  • IPX4 waterproof rating 
  • 36 – 80” tripod height adjustability 
  • 1500 W power rating 
  • 13 ft cord length 
  • Less than 18” heating element 
  • Ideal for patios, garages, workshops, & balconies

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5. EnerG+ Infrared Electric hanging Outdoor Heater 

EnerG+ is well known for blending sleek aesthetics and eco-efficient designs to create a heating solution that will heat your indoor/ outdoor spaces in style. One such product is this HEA-21522 hanging outdoor infrared heater. This unit harnesses the power of infrared rays to provide high-performance heating that will ensure your comfort year-round! 

Key Features 

  • Weather resistance 

With an IPX4 weatherproof rating, this IR heater from EnerG+ is safe for outdoor use, even in rainy or wet conditions. Also, it’s hardly affected by the wind and provides a completely quiet operation. Therefore, you can safely install it on the room of your balcony or outdoor gazebo, without having to put it away every day. It blends beautifully into any outdoor environment, making it ideal for use in other areas like patios, garages, and workshops. Moreover, it uses clean and odorless IR technology, making it safe for friends and family. 

  • 3 Heat settings 

Another key feature of this IR heater is that it has 3 individually activated carbon filament lamps that emit instant radiant heat and oscillates to heat everyone nearby. Each lamp has a 5000-hour lifetime and can be operated at 3 different heat settings; 700, 800 & 1500W. Moreover, the unit has an LED light at the base that provides ambient lighting in your outdoor space. 

  • Easy use & installation 

Finally, this outdoor heater is easy to install as it comes with a hook and chain. Not to forget that it uses a standard household 120V, 60Hz power supply. Therefore, you only need to hang it up, plug its 6ft cord into a power outlet and turn it on. Moreover, it comes with a remote control that you can use to adjust its settings from a distance. 


  • 24” chain and 6 ft power cord 
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty 
  • IPX4 waterproof rating 
  • Includes a wireless remote control 
  • Hanging design 
  • Ideal for outdoor and indoor use 
  • LED for ambiance lighting 

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Things to consider when buying the Best Outdoor Infrared Heater 

  • Outdoor area size 

Infrared heaters emit radiant heat, meaning they reflect heat waves instead of using a fan to distribute heat. This makes them for outdoor heating since they warm objects as opposed to warming the surrounding air. As a result, they’ll not be affected by weather elements like wind, making them ideal for outdoor areas. 

Generally, the heating elements of IR heaters cover a diameter of about 4 – 12 ft from the unit. As you would expect, larger heaters reach a wider diameter, while small units will not reach as far. However, some heaters have various heat levels which allow you to warm a wider area with the maximum heat setting. 

  • Heat output 

The heat output of an outdoor heater can either be measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units) or Watts (W). The higher the number of watts/ BTUs, the more heat the device will produce during use. 

Natural gas and propane heaters produce more heat than electric models. However, they are not as durable or efficient as their electric counterparts.

Specifically, the heat output of gas-powered heaters ranges from 5000 – 40,000 BTUs, depending on size and style. On the other hand, electric outdoor heaters provide a maximum of 1500W, which is equivalent to 5100 BTUs. 

With that in mind, electric heaters are well suited for smaller patios, while gas heaters are ideal for large outdoor spaces. Alternatively, you can use 2 or more electric heaters in a single outdoor space to meet the desired heat output. 

  • Safety

Although infrared heat is safely absorbed by the skin, these outdoor units have a share of safety challenges. For that, you should look for an outdoor heater that has safety features to reduce the risk of burns when someone comes into contact with the device. In addition, you should install the outdoor heater away from flammable objects and keep it level to prevent it from tipping over. 

  • Weather resistance 

Considering you intend to use these heaters for outdoor heating, make sure you choose a device that can withstand severe weather conditions. For instance, the unit should be weatherproof to protect it from outdoor elements like dust, rain, snow, and so on. 

Final Word 

Investing in the best outdoor infrared heater is a great way to continue enjoying your patio, balcony, backyard, and other spaces during the cooler seasons. The unit heats any objects or person in its way to ensure everyone in the outdoor space has adequate warmth. On the downside, the warmth produced by this heater will not remain once you shut off the heater. Other than that, it provides an instant heater and is more energy efficient than other types of outdoor heaters out there! 

People Also Ask

  • Which type of outdoor heater provides the most heat? 

Propane outdoor heaters put out more heat than their electric counterparts. On average, they can produce 8 times as many BTUs compared to electric heaters. For that, they’re recommended for use in large, commercial outdoor spaces. 

  • Are infrared heaters better than convection heaters for outdoor heating? 

Convection heaters warm the surrounding air, while infrared heaters emit infrared radiation directly at their target. This makes infrared heaters more efficient in an outdoor setting since their effect is instant and they’re not affected by wind. Therefore, investing in an infrared heater for your outdoor space will come in handy during winter, fall, and chilly summer nights. 

  • How many BTUs do you need to heat an outdoor patio? 

The amount of heat needed to comfortably keep your outdoor patio warm will depend on the area you intend to heat. For instance, 10000 BTUs can heat 400 – 450 sq ft, 12000 BTUs can heat 450-500 sq ft, 14000 BTUs can heat 550 – 700 sq ft and 18000 BTUs can heat 700 – 1000 sq ft. 

  • Are there any good electric outdoor infrared heaters? 

There are many good electric infrared heaters on the market for outdoor heating, with Dr. Infrared Patio Heater leading the pack. Other incredible options include; the Briza Patio heater, Fire Sense Telescoping heater, and EnerG+ hanging outdoor heater. 

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